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You can contribute to Serve Happiness Foundation mission to serve happiness and inspire youth globally in following way.



We strongly believe our yatra model is unique for it is deep into the travels that an individual gets to know not only of his strengths/weaknesses but has a profound effect on his overall thought process, perceptions, peacefulness and happiness. We are the first ones to come up with an initiative of this kind in the unexplored Narmada Valley, Sabarmati and Tapi region. We firmly believe that after experiencing a yatra model of ours, the youth gets inspired to undertake lot of smaller initiatives in the social and business spheres. The initiatives of an app for blood bank, organic farming etc are all testimony to the success of Narmada Prerna Yatra and as a catalyst to solve problems and bring about a positive change in the society as such.

We are looking for corporate partners to support us for organizing these prerna yatras and rural youth development projects. Your support would help us to highlight the importance of recognizing youth for all that they do and supporting their work from the community level all the way to the national level.


What we will offer

  • Company logo presence in Prerna Yatra's all online/ offline campaign including website, social media, brochure and posters

  • Company publicity in Prerna Yatra's awareness campaign including TV/Social Media/ News paper/ Press conference

  • Support to social initiatives to be conducted by company in future



We are looking for passionate individuals who are willing to bring positive change in the society by contributing in whichever form they can. We have interesting volunteering/internship project opportunities in various fields like

  • Rural Development

  • Photography and Documentary movie making

  • Content writing and design

  • Web and Mobile Technology

  • Women Empowerment Projects

  • Developing small scaled social enterprises in villages and lot more.

Write an email to: or call +91-9714534304 to discuss more opportunities with us.