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Some initiatives are just unique – they encompass the elements of passion, inspiration and enlightenment - firstly, embedding them in their DNA and then sharing it onto with their stakeholders! Well, Prerna Yatras organized by Serve Happiness Foundation (promoted by Nitin Tailor) is such initiative. Every year people across all walks of life (Students, Academicians, Social Workes, Scientist, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Engineers, Farmers etc.) become part of our family. 

If you are an individual who is:


Willing to bring positive change in the society

Willing to learn Culture, Heritage and Opportunities of rural India

An aspiring

Looking for inspiration and new direction in life

Selection Procedure


Our selection procedure consists of filling up an online application form basis which individuals are shortlisted for a telephonic interview. If you fulfill the yatra criterion, you are selected and intimated on the same through email/telephone post. Once you pay the required fees, you can then be a yatri as part of this unique journey!


Step: 1
Fill Up Online

Step: 2
Telephonic Interview 

Step: 3
Submit Fees 

Step: 4
Be the part
of Yatra

Yatra Guidelines


We welcome you to the Prerna Yatra whole heartedly. In this yatra all of us are going to learn new aspects of life, while visiting our role models and social organizations ! The journey is undoubtedly going to be amazing, given that we have so much young energy and experience all around us! We encourage all of you to interact and make the maximum out of the Yatra, but we also recommend a few do’s and don’ts in order to maintain harmony and avoid chaos during the entire Yatra.

  • Use of Mobile Phone is strictly restricted during role model/organizations visit and group activities.
  • We have zero tolerance for tobacco, smoking or drinking. In case we find any participant breaking this rule, we hold the authority to expel him/her from the Yatra then and there!
  • During visit of role models and model organizations, you all have to maintain peaceful environment and follow all the rules and regulations of organization. You have to maintain dignity and respect of all Role models during asking any questions.
  • There can be lots of uncertainties (regarding timing, food and accommodation) during the Yatra. We expect your patience and cooperation during such uncertainties.
  • Maintain the spirit of the Yatra and avoid indulging in dialogues (within group/with outsiders) that can harm the same. Be respectful to the locals.
  • Your contribution as yatra fees help us to manage your travel, accomodation and food during the yatra.