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Dear Friends,

Warm welcome to Serve Happiness Foundation!

Someone rightly said that - "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

We, at Serve Happiness Foundation, are effortlessly working to light the candle, a candle that would dispel the darkness of social misery. Serve Happiness is an international mission to implore, invite and inspire youth to contribute in whichever form and whatever kind they can. We believe in harnessing the youth potential for the social good using technology to bridge gap between thinkers and doers. We aim to direct today’s youth towards a platform specific to their interest so that they can dream, execute and bring change and create happiness which they want to see in today’s society.

Serve  Happiness Foundation is a registered not for profit organization under Section8, Company Act 2013. We are trying to create a platform to bring a revolution in the society by making volunteers use their leisure time constructively for the society and underprivileged people. We are creating a common system accessible from multiple touch points to serve the volunteer community. Collectively, an ecosystem between organizations, places of need, volunteers and human talent has been created. Our aim is to foster relationships by building a network along the spectrum of face-to-face and online presence within this ecosystem. We believe people feel engaged and happy and create strengths when they selectively utilize their talents.

Our another approach is taking youth on inspirational journeys called Prerna Yatra in different regions and help them not only unravel the ethereal beauty, culture and heritage of our country but importantly imbibe and spread the cultural values and the ensuing happiness onto our persona and the world at large! Our Yatras are one of its kinds to inspire youth, connect with real life role models and walking on the path of dream to bring positive change in society.

Thank you,

Nitin Tailor