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M.Tech (IT) from IIIT Bangalore

In a tale as romantic and cinematic as it can get, Nitin Tailor was born and brought up near the banks of the Narmada river in Gujarat. From the spirituality and natural charm of the small town of Bharuch, Tailor eventually found his way into a multi-national company in Bangalore, earning a comfortable salary. With an educational stint in Sweden and entrepreneur of the year award at IIIT Bangalore, Tailor was always ambitious. A runner up and winner in the Startup weekend, Nasscom Startup 20-20

Back To Narmada To Serve Happiness To The Poor

Once the charm of the big city faded, the call to return to his roots overwhelmed him. Determined to be a more positive influence in society, Tailor left his cushy job in Bangalore, and took the first train to Bharuch. Once there, he set up an NGO to address health and educational needs of the poor in Bharuch’s rural areas, using the latest technology. Fuelled by the success and honesty of the work, Tailor went forward to strike into reality a social venture Serve Happiness Foundation. The aim of this foundation was to help the rural poor convalesce from their regressive socio-economic status by supporting grassroots communities and individuals hoping to bring social change. A runner up and winner in the Startup Weekend, Nasscom organised by IIM, Ahmedabad, Tailor got himself certified n Technology Entrepreneurship by Stanford University’s Venture Lab.

Inspiring Youth By Prerna Yatras

The only motivation that keeps Tailor pumping and jumping for the poor, underprivileged and rural is the need to inspire the youth in more nation-building activities that aren’t simply directed at India’s small ultra-urban strata of society. To pay tribute to his motherland Narmada, Nitin decided to organise the Narmada Prerna Yatra to inspire youth across the nation by connecting them with real heroes who’ve created entrepreneurial success stories in the Narmada region.

After getting success in Narmada Prerna Yatra, Nitin has replicated this yatras in different part of Gujarat like Sabarmati Prerna Yatra in Ahmedabad region and Tapi Prerna Yatra in South Gujarat region.

Entrepreneur of the Year (2014), IIIT Bangalore

In 2014 Nitin Tailor was being awarded Late N Ramarao Gold Medal and Entrepreneur of the year award at IIIT Bangalore. He also got honored to be invited for his noble efforts to become founding member of World Happiness Consortium , The International Happiness Initiative by Dr. T Hamid Al-Bayati, former Ambassador of Iraq to United Nations and participate at UN Head quarter, New York to celebrate International Day of Happiness on March 20,2014. The only motivation that keep Tailor pumping and jumping for the poor, underprivileged and rural is the need to inspire the youth in more nation building activities.

Launch of Narmada Prerna Yatra report by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at EDII Gandhinagar

It couldn’t have been a more honorable moment for Narmada Prerna Yatra (Gramin Yuva Edition) Report to be launched and graced by the esteemed signature of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam during the inaugural ceremony of the Social Incubation Centre of our knowledge partner AASHRAY Foundation (which is into promoting social enterprises) at EDI, Gandhinagar on 20th June, 2015. He was pleased to know about Narmada Prerna Yatra and rightly emphasized on rural development through entrepreneurship.

Prerna Yatras: A National Movement To Inspire Youth

For the participants of this Yatra, one thing was clear: There is no giving up in life, and social entrepreneurship must work around the unique and interesting lifestyles of those living in rural and tribal settlements. These unique environments present new problems that generate interesting and innovative solutions.

After getting inspired from the success of Narmada Prerna Yatra, Nitin Tailor has also organized Sabarmati Prerna Yatra in Ahmedabad region and also organzing Tapi Prerna Yatra in South Gujarat region. Working on major sectors of education, health, sustainable livelihood, eco-tourism, agriculture and social enterprise, Prerna Yatras hopes to become a national movement that encourages entrepreneurial plans and projects that take every unique chunk of the country forward in its own way.