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Tribal Youth Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship  

22 Sep, 2019   (Happiness)   - Nitin Tailor  

Dediapda is a Tehsil and town in Narmda District with a sizable population of tribal communities. Due to lack education and  job opportunities in this areas, youth has to migrate to near by cities like Rajpipla, Bharuch and Ankleshwar. This region is surrounded by satpuda mountains, rivers and forests and having good agriculture land. Nitin Tailor has interacted with the tribal youth group of Dediapada and discussed various entrepreneurial opportunities in this areas in forestry, tourism and agriculture. Due to increasing tourism in Narmada disrict there are plenty of opportunities available but due to lack of guidance and motivation most of the youth are unemployes and having alcohol addiction.  Through Serve Happiness Foundation we are motivating tribal youth for entrepreneurhsip and trying to generate livelihood opportunities in such remote tribal areas. It would also stop migration of youth in urban areas.


2 Days Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at Govt Polytechnic Waghai  

28 Aug, 2019   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  

In association with Student Startup Innovation Policy ( SSIP ) Cell of Govt Polytechnic Waghai , We have conducted 2 days entrepreneurship bootcamp to ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation among the students. About 100 students has participated in this 2 days bootcamp.


Nitin Tailor has inspired young minds and encourage them to think about different social problems and come up with innovative solutions which can be a potential startups. Students has been divided in different groups and worked on different ideas. They have also been taught to make business model canvas for their ideas. 10 student groups has presented different ideas in the field of agriculture, transportation, energy and waste management. Potential ideas would be given further support from SSIP cell of college. They would also be given knowledge for patenting their products.


Innovation and Creativity Workshop for School Students in Bharuch  

23 Aug, 2019   (Happiness)   - Nitin Tailor  

In association with Student Startup Innovation Policy ( SSIP ) Cell of Govt Engineering College Bharuch, We have organized 2 days ideation and innovation workshop for school students of Bharuch. More than 100 school students ( Std 9 to Std 12 ) from 4 different schools of Bharuch has participated in this workshop.

Nitin Tailor and Prof Vishal Doshi has motivated the students for innovations by giving different real life examples. Nitin Tailor has conducted group activities on problem solving and ideation.


Student groups has came up with 14  amazing social innovation ideas. Al groups has presented their ideas and best 3 ideas were being awarded by the SSIP Cell. We would provide further support to covert ideas in products. Happy to receive great response from students and their teachers for this workshop.

Special Thanks to SSIP team Prof Vishal Doshi, Prof Ashesh and Prof Sunil to organize this workshop.


Celebrating 5 years of Serve Happiness Foundation  

06 Aug, 2019   (Happiness)   - Nitin Tailor  

Happiness is successfully completing 5th year of Serve Happiness Foundation today on 6th Aug 2019.

It's indeed my honor to welcome our new team member Reshma Krishnan in Serve Happiness Foundation family on this special day.

Reshma Krishnan holds Master’s degree in Business Administration from Germany. She is also a professional Pilot and a T. Mech. Engg as well. She is an Educational Entrepreneur serving as Chairman of NSSUC & Educational & Charitable Research Trust and CEO of HM Groups, and also heading skill development projects in different countries. She believes in giving back to the Nation and is enthusiastic in working with Serve Happiness Foundation especially in Women Empowerment activities across the nation.

I have started Serve Happiness Foundation with a pure intention to serve the society, community and nation at large.This 5 years journey was full of challenges and uncertainties but with blessings of Maa Narmada i have kept flowing and keep doing my work with pure intentions and got great love, support and recognition across India.

One of the toughest challenges in running a social enterprise is to find a like minded team memebers and successfully meet the double bottom line: having to fulfill social needs and be a sustainable model. But I have always focused on social needs and let the universe take care of sustainability of my life and work and connect with positive people. Without love and support of my family and friends this jounrey won't be possible. I am very much happy through our prerna yatras Narmada Prerna Yatra, Sabarmati Prerna Yatra , Tapi Prerna Yatra and Jaipur Prerna Yatra and our entrepreneurship development programs we are able to bring positive change in mindset of youth/women to contribute for the society and nation at large.

Looking forward to spread more smiles and happiness through Serve Happiness Foundation


Innovation Bootcamp For School Students at Surat  

16 Jul, 2019   (Happiness)   - Nitin Tailor  


To encourage creativity and innovation in school students we have organized 2 days innovation bootcamp in Surat at S S Gandhi College of Engineering Surat under Student Startup Innovation Policy (SSIP). During this 2 days boot camp 40 students from 5 different schools from Surat has participated. Nitin Tailor has inspired the students and done group activtieis on ideation and innovation. Students has discussed the different social problems and proposed innovative solution for them, They have also developed small prototype to showcase their projects.

It was a great learning experience for all the students and they got deeply inspired for problem solving and ideating innovative ideas. Such workshops would definitely boost up creativity of students and enhance their problem solving skills as well as to think about different innovative ideas to solve societal problems


Happy Doctors Day  

01 Jul, 2019   (Social Entrepreneurship)   - Nitin Tailor  


Doctors on earth are like Gods in the heaven. Doctor's Day is observed to pay tribute to Dr B C Roy and salutes the spirit of his dedication on 1st July.

I am lucky and fortunate enough to associate with amazing doctors who are my true role models through Narmada Prerna Yatra.
Dr.Anilbhai and Lataben who has started SEWA Rural after leaving their lucrative medicine career and comfortable life in USA to give best healthcare service to the underprivileged people of rual India. Dr. Pankajbhai and Shobhaben who has dedicated their lives for this organization. My friend DrVarun Vasava who is doing free dental camp for tribal people in Narmada district since last so many years and done free dental surgery for more than 6000 tribal and underprivileged people. And there are so many others similar doctors for whom it's not just about profession but its more about doing service to mankind and nation.

On this special day i am thankful to all wonderful doctors for their humane services to mankind and Serve Happiness in this world.

Narmade Har !
Jai Hind !



01 Jul, 2019   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  


Dear All,
I feel elated to announce 12th Edition of Narmada Prerna Yatra in this Monsoon during 11-14th Aug 2019 and welcome you all in this journey of awakening in the lap of beautiful Narmada Valley.
Some initiatives are more than projects but they are more connected to one's heart and soul – they encompass the elements of passion, inspiration and enlightenment - firstly, embedding them in their DNA and then sharing it onto with their stakeholders! Well, one of my such initiative is Narmada Prerna Yatra It was just started with a pure intention to Serve Happiness in the world while seating and praying at the bank of Maa Narmada.
Narmada region in Gujarat state is blessed with scenic beauty specially in monsoon it became more beautiful surrounded by the Satpuda Mountains range, thick teak forests of Shulpaneshwar, and region sugarcane and banana farms in the lap of holy river Maa Narmada. Through Narmada Prerna Yatra We are trying to create livelihood opportunities for rural/ tribal youth of this region. During the yatra we will explore the whole beautiful Narmada region, meet the role models, visit heritage, eco tourism sites located in different villages and interact with the local tribal youth/women with the mindset to setup small rural tourism projects which can create livelihood opportunities for them.

If you are an individual who is:
- willing to experience and feel the nature, culture, heritage of rural India
- an aspiring Social Entrepreneur                                                                          
- willing to setup social enterprise/project in Narmada region.
- Looking for inner happiness, inspiration and new direction in life  

So far 200 change makers from all walks of life ( Students, Scientist, Engineers,Social Workers, Entrepreneurs, Farmers, Environmentalist, Corporate Professionals, Doctors, Indian Navy, Academician and many more ) across 18 states of India became part of our yatra family and enlightened. All yatris were contended with the journey out and within the bonding amongst them had become pretty strong and they found it difficult to say bye to each other.

Watch our new documentary movie published recently:

Apply Online:
Yatra Contribution: Rs. 8000/- ( Which will include your 4 days/3 nights travel, food and accommodation. Only Limited Seats Available )
For any queries call at : +91-9714534304

Looking forward to spreading inspiration, awakening and enlightenment through our Prerna yatras.

Narmade Har ||


22 March: World Water Day  

22 Mar, 2019   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  

The rivers major source of water have an important role in our nation and Hindu mythology and are considered holy by all in the country. The civilizations of ancient India flourished on the banks of the rivers. Our major rivers (Ganga, Yamuna, Indus, Brahmaputra, Narmada, Tapi, Godavari, Krishna and Mahanadi )along with their numerous tributaries make up the river system of India.

Water pollution is a major environmental issue in India. Today more than half the rivers in India are polluted.

Let’s take a pledge today on World Water Day that we would never pollute our rivers and save the water.

I am deeply attached with Maa Narmada and she is always source of my inspiration. That’s why prerna yatra movement originated from Narmada Narmada Prerna Yatra and in future we have plan to organize special yatras by walk to spread river cleanliness awareness campaign in all the villages located at the bank of different rivers.

Narmade Har ??


Visit To PraveenLataSansthan  

16 Mar, 2019   (Happiness)   - Nitin Tailor  

PraveenLata Sansthan, a Jaipur based NGO registered in April 2013. The Main focus is to alleviate the problems faced by women and girls in the society.

The backbone and founder of the NGO, Bharati Singh Chauhan who has faced faced real life challenges and deeply understands the pain of girls who have dreams to achieve big and be successful in life, however, due to financial, social and economic barriers are not able to push beyond their constraints and grow.

She has been working on grounds to promote girls education since age 16 later forming a NGO in 2013 in name of her mother & mother in law, 2 inspiring ladies who inspired her in journey of transformation investing all her savings.On the day of her organization visit, she shared many real life stories of girls who faced domestic violence ,sexual abuse and traumatized situation in their lives.

Her inspiring journey was recognized by Honorable President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee as “100 Women Achievers of India” by Women and Child Welfare Department for training 19000 girls on personal safety for creating awareness on “Beti Bachaon, Beti Padhao and Betiyon Ki Suraksha”.

Her achievements have motivated and encouraged girls to face the challenges and took a step towards empowering themselves. The great message of Gender Equality and Quality Education has led her sansthan to transform lives of many girls and women in Jaipur, Rajasthan. We all got deeply inspired by hearing her inspirational story and learn about amazing work she is doing for Women and Child Welfare and Empowerment.


Contribution with Contree  

15 Mar, 2019   (Happiness)   - Nitin Tailor  

A wow start of second day of Jaipur Prerna Yatra by painting the walls of A Government School.

Contree, a profit social venture changing the way India contributes by bringing together who can contribute towards social causes.

With the aim to bridge the gap between privileged and underprivileged Indians. Talking about bad conditions yet not working on improving them.

" Colors always bring people together to share happiness."

"Sarkari School Makeover" "Rang De! Jaipur", are few of makeover event organized by Contree to makeover the dull and ugly looking walls of the Pink City with sociai messages and beautiful art to celebrate the Contreebution towards the nation.

As contreebuter, Yatris were gratified to color the walls of A Government School and felt happiness in contributing the mission of Beautiful_India.The team of Contree and Yatris of Jaipur Prerna Yatra cleaning along with the beautification was commendable as well as inspiring to the Youth of the Nation.

The great transformation with brushes and paints to splatter color over the lives of many underprivileged communities.