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Tapi Prerna Yatra Coming Soon

Tapi Prerna Yatra

Tapi Prerna Yatra is a 4 days excursion across the Tapi region to meet various role models and organizations and beautiful eco tourism places. We are expected to meet a dynamic group of amazing role models working in the field of Agriculture, Tourism, Skill Development & Education, Health etc. As our focus is on innovative utilization of local resources and enterprise building with the help of local communities, we have planned to visit setups following similar development pattern in the innermost parts of the Tapi region.Occasional halts for fun, adventure and visits to historical places are also planned to make the Yatra more lively!

We are the first ones to come up with an initiative of this kind in the unexplored Tapi region. We firmly believe that after experiencing a 4 day yatra model of ours, the youth gets inspired to undertake lot of smaller initiatives in the social and business spheres.

Role Models/Organizations

  • Mr. Ghanshya Lukhi

    Founder, Tapi Food Products, Surat

  • Sarvodaya Parivar Trust

    Pindval Village, Dharampur

  • ARCH


  • Suruchi Shikshan Vasahat Trust(SSVT)


  • Baben Village


  • Dharampur Project

Yatra Map


Tapi Journey

The Tapi River (also known as Tapti) rises in Betul district of Madhya Pradesh and flows between two spurs of the Satpura Hills, across the plateau of Khandesh, and thence through the plain of Surat ( Known as Diamond City of India) to the arabian sea. It flows through the Indian states of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.The central focus of  Tapi Prerna Yatra is to meet role models and organizations who are working in the field of Agriculture, Tourism, Tibal Skill Development & Education, Community Health etc and bringing positive change in the society.

As our focus is on innovative utilization of local resources and enterprise building with the help of local communities, we have planned to visit setups following similar development pattern in the innermost parts of the Tapi region.Occasional halts for fun, adventure at eco tourism spots and visits to historical, spiritual places are also planned to make the Yatra more lively and experience the culture, heritage and beauty of Tapi region.

Yatra Destination

Surat - Tapi

As it is rightly said "Ganga Snan, Yamuna Pan, Tapi Smaaran and Reva Darshan" is the way to attain 'Moksha'.  According to the Indian scriptures, Tapi River is the daughter of Surya or the Sun God.The historical importance of Tapi river dates back to the earlier times when Tapi river at Surat was used as the major ports for the purpose of exports of goods and also as an important halt destination for Muslim pilgrimage called Haj to Mecca.

Wilson Hill Station,Dharampur

Wilson Hill Station is located in the forest locality of the Sahyadri mountain range in a village called Vaghval near Dharampur. Dharampur is a well-known town for its rich Adivasi (Tribal) culture. It is said that, years ago King Mohanrai built his fort in Dharampur and announced Dharampur as a State. One of the most potent reasons why King Mohanrai chose Dharampur is the evergreen hilly area and absolute natural beauty of Dharampur.

The Dangs

Dang(also known as The Dangs) is a district in the state of Gujarat in India. The administrative headquarters of the district are located in Ahwa. Located high in the Saputara hills, adjoining the borders of Maharashtra State, Dangs is the home of adivasis who have lived in the forest and highlands of the Dangs region from time immemorial. Shri Hanumanji(Hindu Lord) is believed to have been born at Anjani Kund in Southern Gujarat's Dang district.This city is famous for its fair which is known as "dang darbar fair".

Yatri's Reflection

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    Aaditya Kapoor

    Student, NIT Jalandhar, Punjab

    "Whenever you try to do something different, something that's off your league or something people in your suit wouldn't usually do, the Universe will shower you with obstacles and hurdles to test your worth and resolve. All these things will make you extremely uncomfortable, and years of your experience with the society will lead you to beleive that you are not meant to do it! It's only when you chose to beleive in yourself against all odds, that the clouds surrounding your destination will start to fade away." This was a key takeaway from all the inspiring stories of amazing people I came across during Tapi Prerna Yatra. From the success of Tapi Food Works to the brilliant water management system in the tribal belt of Dharampur Forest Reserve, the journey showered me with lessons that many are forced to learn the harder way.It has strengthened my belief in leadership and good people around who have somehow kept the world afloat!

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    Parag Maheswari

    ERP Consultant ,CTS, Chennai

    This yatra for me was more of an exploration of myself. Spending 9 hours a day in a closed cubicle unknowing what you actually want, it's a well designed setup to forget what you actually are, and what you actually want to be, and to come out of this setup requires a courage and if you take that courage with a leap of faith, you will really find what you are meant to be, and for me this yatra was this little courage out of my comfortable zone. Filled with lot of unexpectedly amazing experiences, this yatra gives picture of what India is! This yatra inspires you to the beauty and the culture of tapi region, coupled with amazing role models you will really appreciate the grassroots level work done in this region, as they say Gujjus are very adaptive people, you will really experience this in this yatra. Coming to the most interesting part of this yatra " Gujarati Food" ohh, i can proudly say I am a vegetarian and I have a variety of veg food.

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    Vikrum Shrivastava

    An entrepreneur, Dehradun

    A life changing journey. Met incredibly wonderful people who are doing marvelous work for the society and encourage youth to come forward and contribute towards the society. An altogether different world wherein people are getting motivated not by money of power but by purpose.