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Happy Doctors Day  

01 Jul, 2019   (Social Entrepreneurship)   - Nitin Tailor  


Doctors on earth are like Gods in the heaven. Doctor's Day is observed to pay tribute to Dr B C Roy and salutes the spirit of his dedication on 1st July.

I am lucky and fortunate enough to associate with amazing doctors who are my true role models through Narmada Prerna Yatra.
Dr.Anilbhai and Lataben who has started SEWA Rural after leaving their lucrative medicine career and comfortable life in USA to give best healthcare service to the underprivileged people of rual India. Dr. Pankajbhai and Shobhaben who has dedicated their lives for this organization. My friend DrVarun Vasava who is doing free dental camp for tribal people in Narmada district since last so many years and done free dental surgery for more than 6000 tribal and underprivileged people. And there are so many others similar doctors for whom it's not just about profession but its more about doing service to mankind and nation.

On this special day i am thankful to all wonderful doctors for their humane services to mankind and Serve Happiness in this world.

Narmade Har !
Jai Hind !



01 Jul, 2019   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  


Dear All,
I feel elated to announce 12th Edition of Narmada Prerna Yatra in this Monsoon during 11-14th Aug 2019 and welcome you all in this journey of awakening in the lap of beautiful Narmada Valley.
Some initiatives are more than projects but they are more connected to one's heart and soul – they encompass the elements of passion, inspiration and enlightenment - firstly, embedding them in their DNA and then sharing it onto with their stakeholders! Well, one of my such initiative is Narmada Prerna Yatra It was just started with a pure intention to Serve Happiness in the world while seating and praying at the bank of Maa Narmada.
Narmada region in Gujarat state is blessed with scenic beauty specially in monsoon it became more beautiful surrounded by the Satpuda Mountains range, thick teak forests of Shulpaneshwar, and region sugarcane and banana farms in the lap of holy river Maa Narmada. Through Narmada Prerna Yatra We are trying to create livelihood opportunities for rural/ tribal youth of this region. During the yatra we will explore the whole beautiful Narmada region, meet the role models, visit heritage, eco tourism sites located in different villages and interact with the local tribal youth/women with the mindset to setup small rural tourism projects which can create livelihood opportunities for them.

If you are an individual who is:
- willing to experience and feel the nature, culture, heritage of rural India
- an aspiring Social Entrepreneur                                                                          
- willing to setup social enterprise/project in Narmada region.
- Looking for inner happiness, inspiration and new direction in life  

So far 200 change makers from all walks of life ( Students, Scientist, Engineers,Social Workers, Entrepreneurs, Farmers, Environmentalist, Corporate Professionals, Doctors, Indian Navy, Academician and many more ) across 18 states of India became part of our yatra family and enlightened. All yatris were contended with the journey out and within the bonding amongst them had become pretty strong and they found it difficult to say bye to each other.

Watch our new documentary movie published recently:

Apply Online:
Yatra Contribution: Rs. 8000/- ( Which will include your 4 days/3 nights travel, food and accommodation. Only Limited Seats Available )
For any queries call at : +91-9714534304

Looking forward to spreading inspiration, awakening and enlightenment through our Prerna yatras.

Narmade Har ||


22 March: World Water Day  

22 Mar, 2019   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  

The rivers major source of water have an important role in our nation and Hindu mythology and are considered holy by all in the country. The civilizations of ancient India flourished on the banks of the rivers. Our major rivers (Ganga, Yamuna, Indus, Brahmaputra, Narmada, Tapi, Godavari, Krishna and Mahanadi )along with their numerous tributaries make up the river system of India.

Water pollution is a major environmental issue in India. Today more than half the rivers in India are polluted.

Let’s take a pledge today on World Water Day that we would never pollute our rivers and save the water.

I am deeply attached with Maa Narmada and she is always source of my inspiration. That’s why prerna yatra movement originated from Narmada Narmada Prerna Yatra and in future we have plan to organize special yatras by walk to spread river cleanliness awareness campaign in all the villages located at the bank of different rivers.

Narmade Har ??


Celebrating International Women’s Day by honoring Rural Women Entreprenerus  

08 Mar, 2019   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  

Happiness is celebrating International Women’s Day by honoring rural tribal women entrepreneurs of Gujarat.

It was indeed a great successful event Startup Village – Rural Women Entrepreneurship Development Program today supported by Hindalco Industries Birla Copper Dahej Unit in presence of more than 100 rural women participants and women entrepreneurs role model across India.

Our today’s chief guest Ms. Reshma Krishnan, CEO of H M Group who came all the way from Cochin and motivated all the participants to dream high and touch the sky by sharing her inspiring entrepreneurial journey.
Geetaben Avaiya from Narmada District who runs banana wafer business and employed more than 30 rural women also inspired us all and gave valuable guidance to the participants.

Tribal Women from Ambica Self Help Group from Vansda shared their story of Nahari Project – ( provides traditional food ) supported by BIAF and Riddhi Siddhi Group from Daang shared story and challenges of their successful Project Apna Bakery ( millet products ) supported by Aga Khan Rural Support Foundation.

We also had small group activity in which participants has made Business Model Canvas for their project ideas. We would select feasible ideas and help them to convert into social enterprises to create livelihood opportunities for rural women in their villages.

I am really thankful to Satish Bhuvir and his entire team for their great efforts to make this event a grand success.


Republic Day Celebration with Human Life Foundation in Jaipur  

26 Jan, 2019   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  


Happiness is celebrating 70th Republic Day with team Human Life Foundation, Jaipur, Serve Nature and Startup Launcher.

It’s indeed my honor to be invited as chief guest today for flag hosting program organized by Pt Hemraj Chaturvedi for slum kids. Hemraj ji is doing great noble work by providing free education and mid day meal for underprivileged kids. I really felt blessed by serving happiness to kids today


Visiting an Unique Restaurant of Jaipur  

26 Jan, 2019   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  


“We can’t speak but we can serve you with a smile”, come and enjoy the vegetarian food with positivity everywhere.

Happiness is visiting a unique restaurant in Jaipur known as Vitthal’s Kitchen run by DEAF & MUTE heroes. See and feel the positive and vibrant side of life with amazingly delicious food. We are exploring unsung heroes and amazing role models for our upcoming Jaipur Prerna Yatra.


Visit to Junaraj: Mini Kashmir of Gujarat during Narmada Prerna Yatra ( Rural Tourism )  

24 Dec, 2018   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  



Happiness is visiting Junaraj:Mini Kashmir in Narmada Prerna Yatra ( Rural Tourism Edition ) and interacting with the tribals for creative livelihood opportunities through rural tourism.

Having regained their territories and with the danger from the sultans of Ahmedabad receding, the rulers of Rajpipla decided to shift their capital in the latter half of the fifteenth century lower down to a scenic site, a bowl surrounded by the Satpura hills on the banks of the River Karjan. They built a new fort, the ruins of which are still in evidence. This came to be known as Junaraj.

Seeing the enchanting natural beauty of Junaraj, one can understand why Rajpipla is sometimes called ‘Switzerland of the East’ and ‘mini Kashmir’. After construction of a dam just as the Karjan emerges from the hills into the plains, water from the reservoir collects around Junaraj, forming a large lake. A temple of Lord Shiva still stands, along with smaller temples of other deities.

Through Narmada Prerna Yatra we are trying to create livelihood opportunities through tourism for the tribals residing in nearby villages.


Meeting with Siddi Tribe in Narmada Prerna Yatra ( Rural Tourism)  

22 Dec, 2018   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  

Happiness is meeting Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of Rajpipla along with Prof. Amy, University of California, UCLA, Jasmine PhD Student , University of Chicago and Sonal Patel, Founder of Eklavya Foundation at Ratanpor Village and learned about their social development projects for South African tribe called Siddi community.


These people are Afro-Indians who got settle down here 600 years back. According to one commonly accepted legend (Patel 1986), the founder of the Sidi settlement in Jambur in Gujarat is supposed to have originally come from Kano in Nigeria via the Sudan and Mecca after his Hajj pilgrimage. This leader was a wealthy merchant by the name of Bawa/Baba Ghor who first settled in (Ratanpor) the Rajpipla Hills near Bharuch and Khambat where he developed mining and trade in agate, the precious stone known as akik in India.They are also known for their special folk dance called “Dhamal”. In-spite of having rich culture and heritage this special tribe facing lots of problems. We had meeting with group of people including youth, women from Siddi community and discussed about the problems they are facing. The major problems were secondary education, English language, lack of confidence and lack of employment opportunities.


Unnati – Empowering Rural Women  

26 Nov, 2018   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  

Women are the ones who bear the actual pain and conceive generations after another. If they are empowered, it can only lead to a more flourishing, prosperous and humanistic society and nation at large! With the support of Hindalco Industries Ltd, Birla Copper Unit Dahej we have started Unnati Program to empower rural women through entrepreneurship.


We have designed the program in 2 phases. During the 1st phase we have sensitized about 900 rural women of 10 villages for entrepreneurship and make them aware of entrepreneurial opportunities in the Dahej- Bharuch region of Gujarat.

We have organized an interactive entrepreneurial session with them. The purpose was to give them an idea how to start the business and what are the key points to be taken care like loan facilities available, resource availability, target customer, marketing strategy, partnership proposition and qualitative product making etc.  At the end, women showed their interest in starting their own business. They have registered their name with the business idea.

During the 2nd phase selected participants would be provided the further in depth training and exposure visits to show how the whole process work and on what things they have to focus to start their business. Our aim is to start small social enterprises in the villages to empower the women and make them self independent.  It would also help them to boost their confident and give them opportunity to showcase their abilities and skills to the world.


Diwali Celebration by Serving Happiness To The Tribals of Narmada  

07 Nov, 2018   (Serve Happiness Foundation)   - Nitin Tailor  

Happiness is celebrating Diwali by serving happiness to the tribals of our beautiful Narmada region.

I felt myself really blessed by volunteering in free dental camp organized by DrVarun Vasava and his team at Khochrapada village near Sagbara and serve the tribals. There are hundreds of villages in rural Narmada who do not have access to basic healthcare facilities. Even they don’t have basic awareness about dental healthcare and dental treatment is too costly which they can’t afford. My dear friend Dr.Varun who belong from this region regularly conduct free dental camp since last 7 years. He has treated more than 6000 patients for free. He is also building small dental clinic in his village to provide free dental treatment to poor tribal people of this region.

Through Narmada Prerna Yatra ( Rural Tourism Edition ) we are also trying support such projects and role models who are working selflessly for the rural tribal people of this region.

To support or donate or be volunteer in this project you can contact us at: