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There are several such hidden talents of artisans living in the interiors of India, which need to be exposed to the world and given a platform to create a market for their product. We at Serve Happiness Foundation firmly believe that it's our responsibility to revive this dying art and give platform to rural people for showcasing real Indian art at international level.Bharuch is the oldest city of Gujarat. It is also the second-oldest city of India having continuous habitations, first being Kashi (Varanasi). Bharuch has a known history for about 8000 years. Bharuch is the only craft pocket of Sujani weaving in Gujarat.The history of the craft is as interesting as the technique, going back to the 1860s,it is believed that a native from Bharuch learnt this craft form from a fellow Assamese convict in Andaman jail and came back and taught it to fellow villagers.Sujani is exquisitely woven into beautiful geometric designs and stuffed with clouds of cotton to make warm cozy fabric. This product can be used as a quilt, bed spread, carpet or a throw.



Through Serve Happiness Foundation We are trying to revive this unique art by spreading awareness of this handicraft from Bharuch and connecting them with passionate individuals who are working to promote our heritage , culture and art at national and international level. Serve happiness Foundation proudly introduces Bharuch Sujni Craft that presents it's collection of heritage weaves in fresh new palettes. Vibrant and versatile, they meet all your contemporary living needs. At Sujani Looms, we hope to give this age old art the recognition it deserves. It will inspire future generations of weavers to imbibe these skills and bring a revival in the craft. It is a novelty item which needs to be showcased to the world.